Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nets/Knicks Postponed: The Opener Setup Was Perfect, But The Decision Was Necessary

The Brooklyn Nets new Barclay's Center will have to wait until Saturday for it's first game. (

The long-anticipated first Brooklyn Nets game against the New York Knicks at the new Barclay's Center in Brooklyn is being put on hold a little longer due to the extreme damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The decision was announced by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday after the NBA said Tuesday the game would be played. A make-up date has yet to be announced.

So now the Nets first home game in a new arena under a new brand will not come against their cross-city foes, which would have been a great storyline in which the newly located team would have started its quest to win the city of New York against the beloved Knicks.

Instead, the first game at the Barclay's Center will be against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday, which isn't as interesting, but will be just as important.

While fans can be disappointed that a new era of Nets basketball couldn't begin against the Knicks, the postponement was the right decision to make.

The city and surrounding area is just beginning to recover from one of the worst tropical storms in recent history, with the damage total high and millions of people still stranded or without power. As Bloomberg said, "... police have other things to do." It's times like these that sports take a back seat in terms of priorities and importance.

From the Nets standpoint, this is also a smart move. The subway system just began again for the first time in three days, but is still far away from being at full strength. It would be difficult for many fans to make it to the game, and no team wants to play its first game in a new arena in front of half-empty seats.

As much as it pains fans, it's best to wait. The Nets ownership is wanting the team to become the new Knicks in the eyes of the city, so it's best not to usher in this new product when half the city can't get to the stadium or have power to watch it on TV.

Saturday will come quick enough for Nets fans, and hopefully by then more people in the city will have their lives returning to normal and will be able to enjoy it.

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