Monday, February 18, 2013

BDD is Seeking Contributors

Gilbert Arenas does not write for BDD. (Getty Images)
Beats, Dimes & Drives is about basketball. Sometimes it is about tangents involving pop culture and other times it is about rappers' sneakers, but for the most part, it is about Dr. James Naismith's wonderful invention. With so many subjects in the sports' realm deserving attention — not to mention March Madness' looming shadow and the NBA playoff hunt heating up BDD is seeking more contributors.

Up to this point, BDD has primarily been a two-man game with Kyle and myself taking the bulk of writing duties. This has produced modest results since we began last summer with each new month setting one record or another for the blog, including a remarkable January, but we are still a comparatively small operation.

Considering this, we are looking for writers who can propose their own ideas for posts and/or consistently take assignments with approximate deadlines. The amount of work can range from one-off guest pieces to multiple posts per week. If you have a steady hand for sketching or drawing, there are also opportunities for a posts dedicated to visual graphics.

If you made it through the previous three paragraphs and are determined to keep reading, you may have a few questions by now, like:

1) What kind of pay and benefits package does BDD offer?
None. There's also no severance package to speak of, so we're all hanging on by hypothetical threads. You may produce some clips to bolster the ol' résumé, though, or something to slide into the art portfolio. For those unfamiliar with or new to blogging, you could get some experience. No matter your level of comfort with blogging, you may actually even like writing for BDD.

2) What will I be writing about?
Take your pick of options, as long as they are basketball related. We have weekly features and ongoing serial posts, all of which need proper attention, but there are new NCAA and NBA stories to cover each week, as well. Of course, we're all for creative posts based on metaphors and big-idea pieces, too. We even have numerous ideas in the bank that just need the right touch.

3) What is BDD's editing process?
Great question. You're savvy and I like that. Editing is minimal as long as the idea for a post is well-formed before a finished product is presented. As a rule, we tend to follow AP standards and have certain style guidelines within BDD. Other than a comma here and a corrected spelling error there, though, we want your voice to be clear so BDD can offer different styles and opinions to readers. I have a weakness for clauses, but you don't have to, and that's just fine.

4) Alex, how can we contact you (or Kyle)?
Email us at or find us at the Twitter and Facebook links below. To reach out to one of us individually, our respective twit-handles are @kyledavis21 and @AJSkov.

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