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Friday Roundtable: All-Time Favorite NBA Jersey

What is your favorite NBA jersey of all time? (

BDD's Friday Roundtable is a weekly discussion among a group of our writers on a trending NBA or college basketball topic.

This week's question: What is your all-time favorite NBA jersey?

Retro is in, sure, but there are also legitimately classic jerseys when digging into NBA backlogs, be it because of simplicity or the way a logo melds with certain fonts and team colors. For my money, the most visually appealing -- and thus my favorite -- jersey in Association history is the Denver Nuggets kit that ran from the mid-1980s through the 1992-93 season. The franchise's logo from that time (a smart, technicolor imagining of the Denver skyline layered over the blank canvas of the Rocky Mountains at dusk or dawn) is a gem of geometry inside an over-arching half-moon shape.

Fat Lever, straight gettin' it in classic Nuggets gear. (

Translated into jerseys, the colors are unencumbered by the half-moon and extend well beyond the caricature of the Rockies, wrapping around to the back number. The front features a number on the left shoulder and the team name emblazoned underneath the image with blue trim lining the arm holes and neckline. Matching shorts? Check. The colors pop and, to some, may be too much, too pop art. Essentially, though, that was what late '80s and early '90s fashion was about. I'll be damned if I didn't rock some of the flashiest Mickey Mouse and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles designs as a child. The heart wants what the heart wants, and mine is wrapped in these Nuggets duds.

I've probably put way more thought into this question than needed, but it's a difficult one to answer. I grew up in a city that didn't have an NBA team, so I don't have a hometown automatic go-to. So many came to mind. Some I thought of because they are iconic. The Celtics jerseys from the '80s are as simple as it gets, and something about that makes them timeless and great, and like the Lakers uniforms from that time, it was a look everyone could instantly recognize. Some resonate with me because they remind me of growing up. The pinstriped Orlando jerseys. The '90s Bulls jerseys. The black-to-red Hawks jersey with the Hawk clutching the basketball in its talons. I've always loved the Celtics jerseys, and as far as current jerseys go, Golden State does it probably better than anyone.

I'm going to go old school for my choices. First off, the 1970s New York Nets jerseys, and more specifically, as shown below, Dr. J's Nets jersey. With this jersey, you're not just showing your love for the Nets, you're showing your love for America. It's a simple white jersey with red text, and then the red and blue lines down the side with the three white stars just take it to another level.
I have also always really liked the 1990s Seattle Supersonics jerseys when they switched to the darker green and incorporated red. The '90s were an interesting time in uniform design. Teams were blowing up their mascot on the front of the jerseys, and it seemed like everyone was on board with pinstripes. Just so many pinstripes. Those jerseys all look outdated in 2013. The Sonics used colors other than the typical white, bright red and shades of blue of other teams. And the slanted, orbiting Sonics name with the basketball on the "i" just worked. The NBA may have taken your team, Seattle, but they can never take those jerseys.


Above is a picture of myself, senior year of high school (2008) in an Amar'e Stoudemire jersey. I think, maybe, that's my Micheal Jackson impression or something but that's beside the point. The jersey is a retro-throwback, 1968, and was worn by the Phoenix Suns during Stoudemire's rookie season.  That's why the jersey is 32 and not 1; he hadn't changed his number at that point. This is the coolest jersey I own and have ever worn. It is not, however, my favorite uniform of all time.   

The release of the new Phoenix Suns jerseys sparked the idea for this week's roundtable, I think. I'll come right out and say that I'm not a fan of the new look. My favorite jersey is, however, one out of Phoenix. The black road alternates worn from 1994-2000 are the coolest jerseys the NBA has ever seen. Here is a picture of Micheal Beasley doin' it to somebody in the coolest threads possible.
Photo: USA Today
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