Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chris Andersen Latest Victim of Catfishing Hoax

Chris Andersen was the latest victim of a catfishing hoax. (

It has to be a pretty elaborate prank to be called "Manti Te'o on steroids."

A Canadian woman created this super-charged hoax that had police investigating Miami Heat forward Chris Andersen's home in regards a possible relationship between Andersen and a minor in California while he was a member of the Denver Nuggets.

The woman, Shelly Lynn Chartier, not only used social media to pose as Andersen while talking to the underage woman in California, but she also posed as the woman in conversations with Andersen. Threats and extortion attempts followed, and even got the California woman to travel to Colorado.

Te'o's hoax cost him a high draft status, but Andersen's nearly ended his career. Chartier was arrested by Canadian police in January.

Now professional and collegiate athletes can add catfishing as the latest concern to deal with as part of the fame. No longer is being told you suck the worst thing that can happen to players on social media sites. That's child's play compared to this. Those fans are venting. This is someone trying to ruin an athlete's life.

It is doubtful Andersen is the final person to be duped. Andersen is now able to clear his name, but Te'o can attest that it is not just over and gone now.

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