Saturday, September 1, 2012

Video: Kobe Bryant is Michael Jordan, Kind Of

This video contains exactly what one might expect:  lots of off-the-dribble shooting and turnaround jumpers, and even a little tongue-wagging.

The basketball community's chosen viral video of the week is a reel of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant highlights. What differentiates it from other clips of this nature is that the editor has tracked down film of Bryant's paint-by-numbers imitation of moves that Jordan executed to perfection in his heyday. Voiceovers provide context to the endless "Will Kobe Ever Be as Good as Michael?" argument, and, to a much lesser extent, the question of "Who is the best shooting guard of all-time?"

The music is dramatic, but the court presence of two of the most dominant basketball players ever seen is not something opponents ever took lightly. Neither player has either.

Bryant admittedly modeled his game after Jordan's, so the similarities should be no surprise, even if they are to-the-step.

In the basketball world, being compared to Jordan is never a bad thing. Fortunately for Lakers fans, Kobe's legacy will forever be intertwined with Michael's.

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