Thursday, September 6, 2012

Derrick Rose Becomes Partner in Well-Known Chicago Restaurant

Rose is the newest equity partner in Giordano's pizza. (

Giordano's is one of the giants of the Chicago deep dish pizza industry and has just brought on one of the city's athletic giants as a partner.

ESPN's Darren Rovell announced Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will be named an equity partner in the Giordano's franchise today. Giordano's wants to expand outside the state of Illinois with only three of its 43 restaurants currently residing outside the state and Rose's partnership could make the task easier.

This isn't just an endorsement deal. Rose paid an undisclosed amount to be a partner in the company, and will receive a share of the profits.

Giordano's can't use any Bulls trademarks in advertising or promotion as the team already has a deal with DiGiorno. However, Rose will be pictured on takeout boxes and the restaurant will promote his personal favorite pizza.

Rose already has been a major endorser of Adidas, but has not yet reached the elite level of national endorsements and recognition. However, his career is still young and he already is a recognizable figure nationwide. Plus, Chicago loves its athletes, so helping take a local restaurant national will make him more loveable to his city than if he would have become a partner elsewhere.

While paying for a piece of the restaurant company is more risky than just doing an endorsement, the payoff will be big for Rose if Giordano's successfully expands throughout the country.

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