Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting To Know Florida Gulf Coast

Learn a little bit more about the Cinderella that is sweeping the country; Florida Gulf Coast. (

You hadn't heard of Florida Gulf Coast before this Sweet 16 run. That's OK. No one expected you to. Which is why this post will help you learn all about the school that came from nowhere to ruin the nation's collective bracket.

School facts
  • School President is William G. Bradshaw Ph.D.
  • FGCU's doors opened in 1997
  • FGCU has 12,655 total students, 92 percent of which are from the state of Florida
  • One of the 24 sports clubs on campus is archery, so be careful with the smack talk
  • FGCU's 150 student organizations include: Accounting Club, Clinical Laboratory Science Student Organization, FGCU Dance Company, Event Planning Club and FGCU Fishing Club
  • Famous alumni include a professional monster truck driver, PGA Tour golfer Derek Lamely and Chris Sale, pitcher for the Chicago White Sox

Basketball facts
  • Team record is 26-10 and 13-5 in conference play
  • The Eagles defeated Miami 63-51 on Nov. 13
  • FGCU was 15-1 at home this season
  • In the team's first season in 2002-03, the Eagles played in the NCAA Division II without a conference and went 23-9
  • The Eagles first season in the Atlantic Sun conference was 2007-08 and they finished 10-21 overall and 6-10 in the conference
  • Last year, FGCU was 15-17 overall and 8-10 in conference, making this season an 11 game improvement. 
Feel free to throw these facts out to friends while watching the game tonight to make you seem more knowledgable than you are. At least you'll have some support when you lie, saying, "Oh, you just now are hearing about the Eagles? I've been on this bandwagon for a while." 

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