Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Madness Five-Word Descriptions

Need some knowledge on each of the schools in the tournament? We've got you covered. (sportingnews.com)

The first four teams will play tonight for a chance to play again with the rest of the NCAA Tournament field. With a large diversity in power conference and mid-major teams and some teams who are either new to the tournament or have not been dancing for a while, we've compiled five-word descriptions of all 68 teams in the tournament to help you get to know who you are picking in your brackets.

Akron - Let them wear Twitter handles!
Albany - Upstate NY's only canine mascot.
Arizona - Was great until Pac-12 play.
Belmont - Tourney's second-most historic Bruins.
Boise State -No, their court isn't blue.
Bucknell - Giant Major-not-major killer
Butler - Found out A10 > Horizon League.
California - Want to avenge UNLV loss.
Cincinnati - Bear claws better than Bearcats.
Colorado - University of Chauncey Billups-Boulder
Colorado State - Hide the Lexington co-eds.
Creighton - Minnesota Timberwolves junior varsity squad.
Davidson - Riding a big winning streak.
Duke - Championship lock, if at home.
Florida - Duke version 2.0: Southern comfort.
Florida Gulf Coast - Forgotten in East/West beef.
Georgetown - Best player named Otto since...?
Gonzaga - Wearing first round short shorts?
Harvard - Less stylish warm-ups than Princeton.
Illinois - If only performance = Groce's energy.
Indiana - Top seed and still underachieving.
Iona - Iowa's urban, middle class cousin.
Iowa State - Threes on threes on threes.
James Madison - Biggest achievement since U.S. Constitution.
Kansas - Mid-major loss? Championship or bust?
Kansas State - Strength: grit. Weakness: Big Ten.
La Salle -One basketball HOFer, Tom Gola.
Liberty - Could potentially face Seth Curry.
Long Island - The world is yours, guys.
Louisville - Drake's new favorite Kentucky program.
Marquette - Cool name, cool coach's name.
Memphis - Josh Pastner continues working magic.
Miami (FL) -Paternal professional baseball player? Check.
Michigan - Wolverines might actually eat Jackrabbits.
Michigan State - Never underestimate Izzo in March.
Middle Tennessee State -'I' in 'Ten-I-See'
Minnesota - Experienced, strong, but mostly inconsistent.
Mississippi - "Is this like a bowl game?"
Missouri - There's always SEC football, MIZ.
Montana - Big Sky champs, big upside.
New Mexico - Possibly underseeded; maybe Arizona's neighbor.
New Mexico State -Properly seeded; Arizona's stately neighbor.
North Carolina - Improving at the right time.
North Carolina A&T - They have great cell service.
North Carolina State - Plenty of Wolves, no Pack.
Northwestern State - Not just "Northwestern." Sorry, Wildcats.
Notre Dame -Irish will need some luck.
Ohio State - If Craft becomes scorer, intimidating.
Oklahoma - Lon Kruger really gets around.
Oklahoma State - Smart among tourney's best players.
Oregon - Chip Kelly's high-powered, wait....
Pacific - Nice while it lasted, right?
Pittsburgh - Dixon knows how to coach.
Saint Louis - Consensus Cinderella for good reason.
Saint Mary's - Buzzer-beaters don't make a resume.
San Diego State - SD Not-A-State University
South Dakota State - Wolters v. Burke will be epic.
Southern - Branford Marsalis free-form athletics.
Syracuse - Tough with game on line.
Temple -Indiana Jones joke here somewhere...
UCLA - Popular pick to be upset.
UNLV - The NBA's summer league team.
Valparaiso - Fourth best team from Indiana.
Villanova - Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?
Virginia Commonwealth - Scary as a No. 5.
Western Kentucky - Anagram for "Crunk tween tykes."
Wichita State - Could advance on athleticism alone.
Wisconsin - Badgers will be tough out.

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