Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Metta World Peace May Host Barbecue in OKC

Anyone that busied themselves Monday night with things other than Metta World Peace’s Twitter feed missed out. One day after sending out a picture of himself in a Knicks hat, the New York native declared his intent to either host a barbecue or go to a club in Oklahoma City on Friday.

(Photo-Illustration by Mary-Louise Price. Getty Images/Victor Decolongon)
MWP said the barbecue will be “fan friendly” and committed to tell beer jokes. Then – either realizing clubs rarely host barbecues or talking about a different event – he uninvited all boring people, and possibly proposed a wet t-shirt contest.

Much is uncertain: whether this was the work of a hacker, whether Post-Artest is actually going to be in OKC to begin the weekend, or if anyone can vouch for the quality of his beer jokes.

The Artist Formerly Known as Ron-Ron has a history of lighthearted interactions with fans recently, anywayso an event like this is not out of the question. If it does go down, though, one thing is certain: James Harden will not be attending.

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