Thursday, June 28, 2012

NBA Draft Suit Up Game

John Wall -
In a few hours, NBA Commissioner David Stern makes the dream comes true for the next batch of superstar hopefuls at the NBA Draft in New York City.

It’s a night of celebration, so let’s have some fun with it. Welcome to the NBA Draft Suit Up Game.

Let’s be honest, the fashion craze in the NBA is getting a little out of hand. I’m pretty sure Steve Urkel dresses Russell Westbrook and now crazy shirts and no-lense glasses can be found in post-game press conferences everywhere. The NBA is treading dangerously close to a wealthy junior high school, where once someone shows up with a new shirt or accessory, everyone else must have it. 

Russell Westbrook during the NBA Finals - Sports

While it is a family-friendly game, I understand some of our of-age readers might enjoy converting the rules to a drinking game. Therefore, the number of drinks will be identified in () next to the number of points.

Here are the rules:

Pick five or 10 teams (depending on number of players) that will have first-round picks. You will earn points, or drinks, if the fashion of player selected falls under one of these categories:

Bow-tie - 5 points (2) - Bruce Bowen may be retired, but his legacy lives on. Just hope your pick wears it better than Joakim Noah.

“Geek Glasses” - 5 points (2) - You know what we’re talking about; those black, thick-rimmed glasses started by Amare and replicated by nearly everyone. Give yourself 2 additional points (1) if the glasses are red.

No-lens Glasses - 10 points (3) - Yeah, we have a feeling glasses are going to be popular in the draft this year. The next D-Wade, or Harry Potter, is out there ready to rock the spectacles with perfect vision.

Dwyane Wade sporting no-lens glasses -

Backpack - 10 points (3) - For those who aren’t quite ready to be done with college yet. Extra 20 points (4) if they have a prop hidden in the backpack that is pulled out on stage.

Mismatched Suit - 10 points (3) - Don’t know why the black pants and white jacket are Draft-worthy, but we’ve seen it before and may see it again.

Flannel Suit - 15 points (4) - Surely there’s some “Home Improvement” fans in the draft that want to give a shout out to Al. Still give yourself half the points if only the vest is flannel.

A flannel vest like Cole Aldrich will earn you points -
Paisley - or any floral design - Suit - 15 points (4) - Because nothing says macho NBA player like paisley.

Crazy Socks - 20 points (5) - Robert Griffin III made a statement in the NFL Draft. Anyone care to do some one-upping tonight?

Suit Color Matches NBA Team Color - 25 points (5) - This one can be purely by chance, but could be a big winner early if Anthony Davis goes NOLA with his suit. It also shows what players really think about who is taking them or how high.

Shorts//Cape/Spacesuit - 100 points (finish and drink another) - This is a fun one for the really bold potential picks. If your team gets this guy, congratulations because you won.

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