Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thusly, We Start

And so it begins. Not with a bang, but with a cliché. A whisper in the vast ether of the Internet; not a whimper.

The seedling of Beats, Dimes & Drives couldn’t survive the winter of 2010. A vague blog idea named by an Eazy E lyric – as much as the BDD title is a bow to an A Tribe Called Quest album – never saw a proper template, logo or a single post.

Thankfully, that also means it never broadcast as much melodrama as the prior four sentences. What that not-quite-a-blog did accomplish is the foundation of what will appear here in future posts. BDD will be plastered with news and conjecture concerning basketball, both professional and collegiate, as well as similar features and speculation about music. Tears will be shed, laughs will be had, heartstrings will be pulled – yes, there are legitimate scribes working their pens until latent contempt is unveiled and this space is commandeered for more thoughtful works.

BDD is a small operation, the main members of which used to discuss sports and pop culture in a university dorm room until all hours of the night, only to wake up in time to do beat coverage or work the public address system at the next day’s event of choice. Some of us have adult jobs, some of us bag your purchases and others are tank top aficionados – but that’s a big reveal for later.

The universe isn't heliocentric or geocentric, but if, somewhere in a dark corner, there is the rhythm of a dribbled basketball or a particularly intriguing guitar riff, we'll be the first people to scrape together pocket change for tickets on one of Richard Branson's shuttle rides into space. Just out of interest, or to gain a fully informed opinion.

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