Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Video: Angelo Sharpless: Dunker and Soon-To-Be Internet Sensation

The week is not yet over, but the dunk-of-the-week (and month) contest was surely just captured by Angelo Sharpless. If you haven't seen this video yet, please take a minute to watch this (the highlight is only 10 seconds long, but you'll want to replay it several times). If you have already seen it, do yourself a favor and watch again.

This is a great highlight to watch for several reasons. First off, Sharpless is 6'4", which isn't tiny but smaller than the expected high-flyer, and will be a junior at NCAA D-II Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. We expect this from our NBA superstars and D-I prospects (aka future NBA superstars), but don't say just because a player isn't suiting up for Kentucky doesn't mean he isn't a tremendous athlete. Most of you had probably never heard of Elizabeth City State University before seeing this video, which makes it even greater to see someone like Sharpless grabs the country's attention.

Dunk contests and practice highlights of guys showing off trick dunks can be found all over YouTube, which raises the stakes and almost desensitizes us to what a jaw-dropping dunk actually looks like. If you see a guy throw the ball off the backboard, jump up and dunk it with one hand, then yes, it is impressive, but it's been done before. Many times. Great dunks are seen often, but jaw-dropping is a level few reach.

This dunk shows originality, creativity and spontaneity. Sure, guys bounce the ball hard off the floor, go up and slam it home, but how often does that happen during a game with a defender in the way? Sharpless had just crossed the defender over, slammed the ball down, then went around the back side of the defender before going for the ball. That takes a very skilled player to pull that off. The move happens so quickly and is so unexpected that it looks like a perfectly planned reaction; something that is difficult to accomplish.

Thank you, Angelo Sharpless, for brightening our summer with an incredible, creative dunk that is sure to make you an Internet sensation. 

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