Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brooklyn Nets' Odd Couple - The Next Reality TV Hit

Brooklyn's 'Odd Couple,' Nets owners Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z (bothteamsplayedhard.net)

The Brooklyn Nets have been a hot topic of conversation this off-season thanks to Dwight Howard.

But there’s a potential media gem that has surprised me by going under the radar this long. Maybe the reason it is under the radar is because this is a stupid idea. If so, I’ll let it go, but I think this could make the light bulb in your head explode.

The 21st century “Odd Couple” has the potential to take the reality-TV world by storm and is located in the New York borough of Brooklyn. We live in a world where Lamar Odom married a Kardashian and gets a show, people are fascinated enough with girls who date/marry ball players to watch “Basketball Wives,” and in another sport, the all-access look at players’ lives during training camp has made NFL Hard Knocks a huge success.

We love seeing every aspect of the lives of celebrities, and athletes are no different. We want the inside access and get a glimpse into their world.  

That being said, the day-to-day lives of athletes and the people around them is well documented. An aspect we have yet to see is a day in the life of the bosses of the athletes we love.

Who better to usher us into this new phenomenon than Brooklyn Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov and minority owner Jay-Z? Think about it. Brooklyn is Jay-Z’s home (where he is beloved), he helped design the new logo and raps about giving high-fives to Nets (and Knicks) in his songs. Plus, he hangs out with LeBron James and some of the game’s biggest stars.  

With all that being said, the final say of the team still comes from an eccentric Russian billionaire who climbed the financial ladder, is a martial arts buff with training that occasionally carries over to the office, and recently said he would like to be the mayor of Moscow.

Have a TV crew follow around the two of them handling the business side of the team, going to the team after-parties and embarking on their other projects while keeping an eye on the team. Then show it on ESPN, NBA-TV or E! and watch as the rating jump.

What you have is two owners who couldn’t be more different - I’ve never heard Prokhorov rap, but I’m guessing Jay-Z wins that one - running a basketball team in one of the largest markets in the country. Not to mention if you throw in the potential of Dwight Howard making cameo appearances as the newest member of the Nets.

Tell me you wouldn’t watch that. I’m not sure Hollywood could script a more fascinating situation. The potential storylines, ego conflicts and subtitles for Prokhorov are endless.

Think it over and I’m going to go call some networks to see if we can make this happen.

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