Monday, July 23, 2012

Video: Luke Walton Plays Ping-Pong, Because Of Course

With the NBA summer league wrapping up with the final games played in Las Vegas last week, basketball is officially in stasis. The first official game of The Association's regular season isn't until Oct. 30, when the Miami Heat will host the Boston Celtics, according to the Miami Sun-Sentinel's sources. College hoops tip-off even later, in mid-November, with the 2k Sports Classic.

Until then, we'll have to do with pick-up games at the local gym and videos like this one:

NBA players guessing which of their brethren would be most competitive at various, non-basketball Olympic sports? That's worth a few minutes of the day. The video comes courtesy of the official summer league media gurus and features a bevy of bros, like Chris Bosh and Luke Walton. Whereas Bosh thinks he would be good at numerous events — because of his lankiness, his practice or a combination of the two — Walton is confident in his ping-pong skills. After all, no one says they're "pretty good" at something unless it's true. Plus, he gets a co-sign in the video.

We'll probably never be lucky enough to see Bosh and Walton complete a best-of-seven series in table tennis, so we'll have to rely on basketball numbers to compare the two. Sorry, Chris, but Bill's son has two NBA championships. Keep trying, though.

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