Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Conversation with Jordan Crawford

After scoring 27 points off the bench in the Washington Wizards' 105-97 win over the Orlando Magic, Jordan Crawford had few words for reporters. Attempting to find the basest meaning of success in the game of basketball, I made up what I think would be an accurate discussion with Crawford transcribed this audio clip from last night's post-game locker room chat.

There is one particular thing Jordan Crawford is not doing in this photograph. (

Journalist: What was the key to tonight's game?

Crawford: Making shots.

Journalist: How can tonight's success at home be translated into wins on the road?

Crawford: Making shots.

Journalist: With a record like 4-23, it must be tough to look at one game at a time. Does Coach Wittman have you focused on a season-long goal?

Crawford: Making shots.

Journalist: Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III wasn't in the crowd tonight, but fans still did the "R-G-3" chant.

Crawford: Making shots.

Journalist: Um, yeah, what I was going to --

Crawford: Making shots.

Journalist: Ok. Sure. There aren't many chances to celebrate a Wizards win. What are you going to do tonight?

Crawford: My plan is to go home and allow my body to recover from the stresses of an 82-game season by surreptitiously applying ice and heat to any ailing joints, then get a full night's rest because there is more work to do in the morning. I know some other fellows would go out and enjoy the night life after a win, particularly in the context of having only four victories in 27 games, but I choose not to subscribe to such idiosyncrasies.

Journalist: Thanks, Jordan. I'll see you tomorrow in Chicago.

Crawford: Making shots!

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