Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Utah To Honor The Late Rick Majerus With Sweater In Rafters

Rick Majerus will be honored at the University of Utah after his death last weekend. (

A great basketball coach in Rick Majerus passed away last weekend at the age of 64.

How do we know he was a great basketball coach? Well, besides looking at his record and accomplishments, countless coaches and analysts have told us as much. The testament is that the person was even greater than the coach.

Majerus was the current coach of the St. Louis Billikens, although he had not coached this season due to his health issues. But the University of Utah was where Majerus spent the majority of his head coaching career, and where he found the most success. It was Utah that Majerus led to the national championship game in 1998.

Now the university is planning to honor the late coach in a classy and fitting way. From now on, the rafters of the Huntsman Center will include a replica white sweater often famously worn by Majerus as the Utes' coach.

Kudos to Utah for not just going with a jersey in the rafters- although that still would have been a respectful gesture - and instead finding a personal way to honor a great coach and ambassador to the university.

It's a shame Majerus was not able to return to Utah for an induction into the school's hall of fame last year, and that he will not be there to witness the white sweater hanging next to the other university greats.

But what's important is Majerus is being honored in a way that reflects the greatness that so many people thought of him.

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