Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Michael Jordan Plus Justin Bieber Equals Heart

"LeBron really does look older than his age" - Biebs (via the Bobcats' Instragram)

Whether it's his timeless style or never-aging game, Michael Jordan is always on-target. Not that he needs consolation, but criticism was almost certainly the last thing on his mind when the beaming Charlotte Bobcats owner met Justin Bieber earlier this week.

Based on circumstantial evidence (namely, the caption offered by Bobcats digital media services), Biebs did not deem the Fightin' Charlotte Jordans worthy enough for him to attend a game. Though he probably wasn't bragging about going to any recent Lakers games, he found time in his schedule to meet Jordan before performing at Time Warner Cable Arena.

Perhaps the most important thing to repeat is that this happened before Bieber's concert, meaning there's a strong chance that Jordan took in the show. I wouldn't put it past him. He looks way more excited to meet the pop star/2011 All-Star Celebrity Game MVP than Biebs looks about the encounter. My guess is the only reason we don't see some swooped hair peeking out from under that hat is because Jordan knows that's soooooo 2010.

(H/t to Dan Devine at Ball Don't Lie and Seth Rosenthal at SB Nation)

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