Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Video: High School Sophomore Victor Dukes Jumps Twice On Posterizing Dunk

It's a miserable feeling being a defender getting dunked on.

The defender's intention was good. He was in position to possibly take a charge. If nothing else, maybe he could get in the way enough to make it a more difficult shot.

What's more miserable is that not only did this high school defender get dunked on by 6-foot-3 Nettleton (Arkansas) high school sophomore Victor Dukes, but it looks as if Dukes got so much height by pushing off the defender's body after his initial jump.

Getting dunked on feels bad. Getting dunked on because the shooter used you as a ladder to the basket feels worse.

For Dukes, this has to be the dunk of his young career as he nearly hit his head on the rim at his apex. Give him credit for using all available resources to skyrocket into the air.

Make sure to watch the replay for a better angle as the ref steps into the shot during the actual dunk, but this advice probably won't be needed, as I'm sure you'll end up watching it three or four times. This clip was one of two posted on Nettleton's YouTube channel that has a combined 37,000 hits as of this posting.


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