Thursday, January 24, 2013

Owen Groesser's 3-pointer Is The Feel-Good Story The Sports World Needed

Let’s face it, the sports world needed a story like this; a story we could feel good about and one we can cheer for without having to think twice about it.

Forget about Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o for a second, because Owen Groesser deserves your attention more than they do.

Owen is an eighth grader at Van Hoosen Junior High in Michigan who suffers from Down Syndrome. As his father said on ESPN today, Owen had been the manager of the seventh grade team and his coach talked with the opposing coach about letting him play in the final home game of the season. In the final minutes of the first half, Owen got his chance and took full advantage.

It's tough to see from the angle, but that's not just a standard 3-pointer by Owen. He is easily three steps behind the line. The shot is all over the Internet and even made it on Sportscenter's Top Plays. ESPN reported Groesser hit a second three in his two minutes of action giving him six points for the game.

The reaction of the crowd and his teammates shows the beauty of sports. I wasn't there, but I would like to think that was the loudest moment of the game, as it deserved to be.

In an era of cheating and steroids, let's cherish a story where a kid has had to overcome more than everyone else on the court and makes the most of an opportunity when it is presented. Instead of talking about Lance Armstrong, talk about Owen, who looks like he's enjoying just playing basketball and those two minutes of brilliance he had on the court.

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