Friday, January 4, 2013

VIDEO: You Already Won, J.R. Smith, But That's a Great Alley-Oop

"J.R. Smith is good at basketball" is a true statement, one that often gets overlooked because of his erratic play but goes without saying because his primary source of revenue comes from playing in the NBA.

That statement has nothing to do with this video, though. What Smith did last night has nothing to do with being good or bad at basketball. Fundamentals, cerebral planning and even physics went out the window last night, as they so often do with Smith. Take a look and we'll discuss below:


That's how Smith continued his season of a hit parade, which includes game winners against the Charlotte Bobcats and Phoenix Suns. With his team already up 90-72 and most of the San Antonio Spurs' starters already on the bench in a game the New York Knicks would go on to win 100-83, Smith made a backdoor cut that led to a one-handed reverse slam via the world's shortest alley-oop from Knicks point guard and 35-year-old rookie Pablo Prigioni.

Words don't really do justice to exactly how incredible an athletic feat this was, and the Knicks seem to know this. Exhibit 1: Amar'e Stoudemire to the press:

"I was like J.R., really? You're just going to catch it and dunk it backwards with one hand. Is it that easy? I wish I was 27 again."

And as Smith himself told Newsday's Al Iannozzone:

"Honestly, I thought he didn't see it. It was kind of late. I jumped so early. I went backdoor and he threw it, it was kind of low, so I didn't think I was going to dunk it to be honest with you as high as I jumped."

Aside from making Stoudemire sad, Smith also elicited a "Did you see us!?" quote from Carmelo Anthony (as aggregated by Iannozzone), whose excitement carried him from the bench onto the court during live play. The Knicks did not get penalized for having an extra man on the court because, seriously, how could the referees not respect that dunk and be just a little mesmerized, even if they do watch professional athletes play basketball for 82 games each year?

But if even Smith — an "irrational confidence guy" if there ever was one can't believe he pulled off that dunk? It's something to behold.

Love him? Hate him? Think there was a better dunk (by Smith or anyone else) in the NBA this week? Enlighten us in the comments.

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