Thursday, April 25, 2013

VIDEO: 14-Year-Old Seventh Woods is 6'2", Good at Basketball

I was 14 once, for 300-some days. My biggest accomplishments at that age were catching Nerf footballs for one-handed touchdowns in gym class (small degree of difficulty) and holding complete conversations with girls (large degree of difficulty).

My guess is neither of those is an issue for Seventh Woods, a 6-foot2 freshman guard for the Hammond (SC) Skyhawks. Posted by Hoop Mixtape one week ago, the above video of Woods dunking over (mostly unassuming) opponents and dishing last-second passes after slashing to the rim, not to mention hanging in the air for a number of impressive blocks, has amassed nearly six million views in 7.5 days' time.

Woods is athletic, long-limbed and seems to already have a good mind for positioning himself to score or assist teammates. The HM guys dubbed him "The BEST 14 Year Old In The Country" and CBS Atlanta named him "Basketball's Next Prodigy" after the video went viral. This comes on the heels of Woods averaging 19.3 points, 4.3 assists, 3.5 rebounds, 2.7 steals and 0.7 blocks per game while shooting 55 percent (54 from two, 56 from three) on the season while only committing four turnovers in during the Skyhawks' 22-5 campaign, according to MaxPreps.

Let's pump the brakes, though. A highlight clip running just more than two minutes can be culled for any high school basketball player who logs consistent minutes throughout an entire season. True, most of them wouldn't be as impressive as Woods' video, but the young guard is currently ranked No. 53 among preps in South Carolina and several thousand rungs lower on the national scale.

The buzz around Woods has been majorly fostered by this short clip. He looks to be a fantastic high school competitor and, depending on how he performs during the three years he has remaining as a prep, Woods could very well translate into a dependable college player. Let him enjoy his moment in the spotlight, but let him soak up an high school experience that is sure to be fun. If not, he still has a cool name (Seventh!) and can probably already communicate successfully with his female classmates.

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