Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sacramento Likely To Keep Kings, Leaving Seattle Waiting For Another Chance

After months of uncertainty, Sacramento is a step closer to keeping the Kings. (sacbee.com)

It's been a tough couple of years for Seattle basketball fans.

It didn't get any easier Monday when the NBA Relocation Committee voted unanimously to recommend the Sacramento Kings' move to Seattle be denied by the owners. It's not completely out of the question that Seattle could still land the Kings, but it's far less likely.

Seattle remains scarred, still stinging from the loss of the Sonics and having to watch the team's success as the Thunder of Oklahoma City. Missing out on the Kings just adds another layer to the wound. Sacramento's struggle to keep the Kings has been an ongoing saga, with fans fearing the move for months. But now the California capital city can breath a sigh of relief while Seattle continues to hold its breath.

Seattle lost its innocence when the Sonics left town. The city was forced to watch as its beloved team was moved east to Oklahoma City and its players went on to the NBA Finals with its superstar Kevin Durant. The fans hated the Thunder, calling the team the "Zombie Sonics" and refusing to watch or support their former team.

Seattle is the guy whose girlfriend left him for someone else. He never thought it would happen, until one day she is gone and he is bitter. Now that he's been jaded, he doesn't feel bad about stealing the girlfriend of someone else. He's had to suffer through it, why can't they? Enter Sacramento, who nearly had its girlfriend leave him in the same fashion by the city who just was left behind. Sacramento was about to become as jaded and angry as Seattle, despising the team that left them and waiting around for another chance to steal a different city's girlfriend.

The Seattle basketball fan base is proud and passionate. The city deserves to have another team, and it seems likely it will have one in the future. But Sacramento is deserving of a team as well, and now is the time for Sacramento to rejoice. Kings fans have put up with months of uncertainty and fear until Monday when the city neared a stable relationship (one that will be even more stable if the Maloof's sell the team to the potential Sacramento investors). 

This was a win for Sacramento, but now the fans must show why they deserved the vote from the relocation committee. Kings fans won't have to be hurt and angry at a team that left, but they still must come out in even more force to show their support and gratitude. Attendance must go up and sales must increase.

Because as Seattle fans will tell you, Sacramento, make sure to do everything you can for that team or soon it could be gone.

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