Saturday, April 13, 2013

BDD Alumni Bracket Elite 8

See what program's alumni teams advance on to the Final Four in our BDD Alumni Bracket. (

After a heavily debated Sweet Sixteen, we're on to the Elite Eight.

The greatest players in college basketball history take the court one last time for their respective school. If you need to catch up check out the Sweet 16 Part I and Sweet Sixteen Part II.

Each match up is voted on by three of our writers.


Point Guard: LaBradford Smith ‘88-’91
Shooting Guard: Darrell Griffith ‘77-’80
Small Forward: Billy Thompson ‘83-’86
Power Forward: Pervis Ellison ‘86-’88
Center: Wes Unseld ‘65-’68


Point Guard. Bobby Hurley. ‘90-’93
Shooting Guard: JJ. Redick ‘03-’06
Small Forward: Shane Battier ‘98-’01
Power Forward: Christian Laettner ‘89-’92
Center: Mike Gminski ‘77-’80

Duke- 2
Louisville- 1


Wichita State:

Point Guard: Warren Armstrong ‘65-’68
Shooting Guard: Cleo Littleton ‘52-’55
Small Forward: Xavier McDaniel ‘82-’85
Power Forward: Cliff Levingston ‘80-’82
Center: Dave Stallworth ‘62-’65

Ohio State: 

Point Guard: Robin Freeman ‘53-’56
Shooting Guard: Jim Jackson ‘90-’92
Small Forward: John Havlicek ‘60-’62
Power Forward: Gary Bradds ‘62-’64
Center: Jerry Lucas ‘60-’62

Ohio State- 3
Wichita State- 0



Point Guard: Aaron Miles ‘01-’05
Shooting Guard: Kirk Hinrich ‘99-’03
Small Forward: Paul Pierce ‘95-’98
Power Forward: Danny Manning ‘84-’88
Center: Wilt Chamberlain ‘56-’58


Point Guard: Andrew Moten ‘84-’87
Shooting Guard: Joe Hobbs ‘55-’58
Small Forward: Ronnie Williams ‘81-’84
Power Forward: Al Horford ‘05-’07
Center: Neal Walk ‘66-’69

Kansas- 3
Florida- 0


Point Guard: Isiah Thomas ‘80-81
Shooting Guard: Calbert Cheaney ‘90-’93
Small Forward: Scott May ‘74-’76
Power Forward: Alan Henderson ‘92-’95
Center: Don Schlundt ‘52-’55


Point Guard: Doc Rivers ‘80-’83
Shooting Guard: Dwyane Wade ‘02-’03
Small Forward: Don Kojis ‘58-’61
Power Forward: Maurice Lucas ‘72-’74
Center: Walter Downing ‘85-’86

Indiana- 2
Marquette- 1

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