Thursday, April 25, 2013

Warriors' David Lee Finally Reached The Playoffs Before Injury Cut His Opportunity Short

It took David Lee eight seasons to reach the playoffs only to have him forced to watch from the sidelines again. (

It took seven years, two teams and a lot of patience for David Lee, now in his eighth season, to finally make it to the playoffs. A very productive forward/center, Lee was subject to playing for a New York Knicks team that suffered through years of turmoil under head coach Larry Brown and much-maligned general manager Isaiah Thomas. He was traded to a young team in the Golden State Warriors that, despite their talent, was still trying to find an identity for themselves as his old team (the Knicks) made the playoffs.

Then, finally, the talent of the Warriors began to also find consistency and win games. Lee was finally a part of a winning team. A playoff team. Lee and the Warriors took the court for the first game of round one against the Denver Nuggets, a team nearly as potent offensively as the Warriors themselves. It promised to be a heated series with plenty of scoring and excitement. Lee had finally made it.

And then it was all taken away in one sharp, painful moment.

After waiting for seven years to make it to the postseason, Lee will watch the remainder of this one from the sidelines due to a torn hip flexor. After suffering through losing teams, poor coaching and waiting for a young team to come of age, Lee will have to wait just a little bit longer to realize his dream of playing deep into the second season.

The playoffs seemed like a climactic moment for Lee and his career to this point. He had been part of bringing a young team from the rank of bottom feeder to one of the most feared offensive units in the NBA. He had a large contract that set him, his children, grandchildren and all future pets for life. The playoffs seemed like a fitting capstone after a career of waiting for such a moment.

However, while this is a tough setback to what should have been a wonderful moment, Lee can look forward to many other seasons where the Warriors will be a part of the postseason. The young, talented and offensively lethal Warriors will be back in the playoffs. With the likes of Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut, Klay Thompson and Carl Landry, Lee will most certainly be returning for a run in the postseason. It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when.

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