Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to survive the NBA offseason

The NBA Offseason

The desolate winter is officially upon us. The NBA season is no more.

That doesn’t mean we have to stop watching and reading about basketball, though! I have compiled a list of things to help NBA fans survive the harsh and lonely offseason.

How much have you actually seen of Wilt Chamberlain? What about of Bill Russell? Oscar Robertson? The following YouTube channels contain hundreds of hours worth of old video footage to keep you occupied. Instead of watching some NBA games everyday, whet your appetite for basketball action by watching one classic game a week. These channels are just a starting point, there are thousands of other videos and channels around YouTube that will help you on your journey. Perhaps tonight you can watch a game featuring Bird’s Celtics, then next week watch the 1972 clash of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain. There is much more footage of old games out there than you think.

YouTube Channels:

I was born in 1992, my growth as a human seemed to coincide with the growth of the internet. I was under the impression that everything that was known about the world was online. My world came shattering down recently when I purchased a few books about the invasion of Mexico. One page seemed to give me more information than my years worth of reading up on it online. Since then, I have purchased many book to help me understand the history of basketball. Some great ones to help you through the summer are:


  • FreeDarko Presents: The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History. Amazon
I'm currently reading this book right now. I highly recommend it. It takes you from the crazy world of pre-NBA basketball all the way to the current day. Beautifully illustrated with a fun writing style and great graphs. It will definitely give you a very solid foundation of not just NBA history, but basketball history.

  • Cages to Jumpshots: Pro Basketball's Early Years Amazon
A detailed history of basketball from its invention until the 1950’s.

  • Vintage NBA Basketball: The Pioneer Era (1946-56) Amazon
Learn about the guys that really pioneered the league we all love today. Reminder: These players were not and still are not part of the league pension plan.

  • The First Tip Off: The Incredible Story of the Birth of the NBA Amazon
An in-depth look at the 1947 NBA season, the very first in league history

  • The National Basketball League: A History, 1935-1949 Amazon
Two leagues actually make up the NBA. The BAA, the Basketball Association of America, and the NBL, the National Basketball League. They merged in 1950 to created the National Basketball Association. The BAA was formed in 1947, and is officially recognized as NBA history. The NBL, however, is not. However the NBL had superior talent to the BAA. So if the BAA is the father to the NBA, learn about its grandfather, the NBL.

  • Basketball: Its Origin and Development: By Dr James Naismith Amazon
What better way to learn about basketball than by Dr Naismith? Learn about the creation and explore the development of the game from the inventor himself.

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