Thursday, June 20, 2013

BDD Turns One Year Old

Know your roots. (The New York Times)

By Alex Skov and Kyle Davis

It was a year ago today, as Miami was in the process of winning the NBA Finals, that what was a long talked-about idea became a reality. It was kind of like how buddies always say they are going to open a bar, although this was less of an undertaking and, frankly, a better idea.

The first post on Beats, Dimes and Drives went up on one innocuous evening last summer. It was just a small introduction to the blog, why it was being written and what had come before it. As convoluted or self-important as the first post was and probably still is, we came into the blogosphere with a vigor that could have been called "unbridled." Our focus increased and as we developed long-term goals, spent more time writing and coordinated projects of gradually larger scales — hopefully the product's quality improved.

We're not writing this to flaunt the achievements (even though when starting out little things like the first time the blog hit 100 views in a day or when a player like Jerry Stackhouse or Nebraska coach Tim Miles retweeted our content, it made us react like we had won a prize) or tell you how hard it was to start something like this from scratch.

We're writing this to acknowledge anyone who has clicked on a link and given us a chance to entertain and start a conversation about a sport we love. This is definitely a passion project. The love of the game and joy of somehow coherently corralling thoughts into posts you want to read is the reason we started this blog. We both have other full-time jobs, but the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of watching this grow has meant a lot because it is what we love to do.

We like to think we know what we're doing now. The training wheels are off and we've gotten help from the (very much appreciated) contributing writers who have made the difference in our success. We are now entering our second year with a lot of great ideas and can't wait to see where the second year of the blog takes us. We just hope you are along for the ride.

It is nowhere near enough, but what we're trying to say is this:  thank you.

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