Thursday, July 11, 2013

Marshall Henderson Is Suspended For Non-Surprising Reason

Marshall Henderson may not be in an Ole Miss jersey this year after failing drug tests. (

Ole Miss's leading scorer and national headline-maker Marshall Henderson was suspended indefinitely Wednesday for reportedly failing multiple drug tests.

I know, I can see the shock on your face. Hearing this news is slightly more surprising than hearing someone complain about the heat in July. That got us to thinking, what would be the most likely reasons for Henderson to get suspended this season? Here's what we've come up with, in order of how Vegas would judge the odds.

Failed drug test - 2/1
Fighting a teammate/random frat boy - 5/1
Get caught cheating on a test by having students tweet him the answers - 17/1
Fighting someone in the stands, aka the Ron Artest - 20/1
Received impermissible benefits in order to pay ESPN for coverage - 50/1
Get hustled into quiting the team after losing a game of 1-on-1 to a awkward-looking but talented Ole Miss student - 100/1
Was the real culprit who poisoned Auburn's Toomer's oak trees - 500/1

In this case, the popular choice was the correct one, although there's still time for the truth to come out that the drug tests were a front for him being hustled out of his roster spot. Just wait. 

Now we just need to hope he gets reinstated so the odds open up again. 

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