Sunday, July 7, 2013

NBA Free Agency: Just Incase You Blinked

Dwight Howard's move to Houston is just one of the many free agency moves taken place already this month. (

I've tried to consolidate happenings and possibilities. These changes all came after the Dwightmare.

- Dwight Howard landed in Houston. Superman will be there a total of four years unless he chooses to lift-off after three. Howard, 27, is the oldest player on the roster. His contract is worth $88 million.

- The Rockets escape the anxiety of Royce White in exchange for future draft considerations, courtesy of the Philadelphia 76ers. Perimeter shooters Francisco Garcia and Omri Casspi also join the Rockets. Omer Asik remains in Houston, for now. He is owed just under $15 million next season and, with the Howard signing, is now expendable. He is capable of starting for a team willing to pay the price.

- The Atlanta Hawks, parting with Zaza Pachulia and Josh Smith, could be inclined to pursue either player to compliment Al Horford, though, the team signed Paul Millsap to a two-year deal worth $19 million.

- The Detroit Pistons and Smith agreed to a deal worth $56 million over four years. Smith will not play alongside Jose Calderon, who was imported to Dallas by Mark Cuban for $29 million in another four-year agreement.

- The Mavericks also boasted their backcourt with the addition of Devin Harris. Harris returns to Dallas after nearly six years with other franchises and will receive $9 million over three years.

- OJ Mayo joined the Milwaukee Bucks, who determined Mayo is worth $24 million over three years. It didn't seem anyone was interested in Milwaukee's Monta Ellis until recent rumors of Atlanta became a possible destination. The Bucks could also lose Brandon Jennings, although recent reports are more optimistic Jennings could be returning to Milwaukee next season. 

- Carl Landry found his payday. The Sacramento Kings inked Landry for four years, paying him $27 million.

- The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired veteran guard Jarrett Jack. Jack's presence lifts the load still too heavy for Kyrie Irving to lift on his own. Irving now will have more opportunities to move without the ball. Jack has shown the ability to score in bunches and gives Cleveland a player to fill the sixth man role missing last season.

- The Los Angeles Clippers continue to add pieces by signing the serviceable Darren Collison to keep the sails steady when Chris Paul is off the floor.

- Jeff Pendergraph joined the Spurs, verbally committing to a two-year deal. The terms will not be finalized until Wednesday when contracts can officially be signed.

- The Minnesota Timberwolves' Nikola Pekovic is another center who remains available. Pekovic is a restricted free agent and there is speculation Minnesota will match any offer made to him. Teams making an offer don't have anything to lose.

- Rudy Gay, Danny Granger and Ellis are possible players that could be moved to teams building for a playoff run next season.

- It's been tough to step away from the computer this July without feeling like I would miss something, feel free to add anything I've missed or any new acquisitions made in the comments below.

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