Monday, July 29, 2013

Steve Nash To Try Out With Inter Milan

Steve Nash will live a dream by trying out with Italian soccer club Inter Milan. (

Steve Nash's fame comes from the basketball court, but part of his heart can be found on the soccer pitch.

Nash's passion for soccer is well known for NBA fans, as his skills are even occasionally is showcased in the middle of games. He grew up playing soccer, and is an owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps of Major League Soccer.

Now Nash will get to spend time in his second element, on the pitch for a try out with Inter Milan, one of the most famous and prestigious soccer clubs in the world. Inter Milan will be in the United States for a tournament in August, and Nash will try out with the team in New Jersey Tuesday, two days before Inter travels to Indianapolis to face Chelsea of the English Premier League.

If basketball wouldn't have pulled Nash to the NBA, he could have found a career in soccer. It's not just a passion, he can play, as he showed during the NBA lockout two years ago.

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